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Sierra Logic is a professional practice providing IT services to our clients.

Sierra Logic has a philosophy of pragmatic elegancePragmatic elegance is the philosophy that elegance is only served if that elegance is applied pragmatically to the practical world.that is applied to all of our projects, services, and products.

A natural consequence of following the pragmatic elegance philosophy is avoiding the trap of detrimental cleverness Detrimental cleverness is when someone injects unnecessary cleverness into a system for the purpose of ego and/or a misguided sense of 'rightness' that results in the system being more complicated, more fragile, less understandable, and less maintainable. .

Albert Einstein once stated:

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

To reflect the essence of the Sierra Logic philosphy of pragmatic elegance, Einstein's statement may be adapted:

Everything should be made as elegant as possible, but not more elegant.

Sierra Logic provides elegant solutions to real-world problems, not just for the sake of elegance or cleverness, but to deliver sustainable, flexible, extensible, quality solutions informed by practical realities.

If you're interested in how Sierra Logic may partner with your project, please reach out to us at info@sierralogic.com.