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Here are some links that Sierra Logic recommends for relevant ideas, concepts, technologies, and approaches.


  • The Mess We're In - Joe Armstrong (co-creator of Erlang) cheerfully discusses the mess developers have created over the last 50 years and possible solutions to bad programming philosophies and other IT messes.
  • The Future of Programming - Bret Victor presents as if he's in 1973 (with real overhead acetates for ambiance) and covers the core concepts of programming that have been lost along the way (parallel computing, functional programming, actors, etc).
  • Inventing on Principle - Bret Victor presents an approach to development from the perspective of a 'creator' using 'immediate connection' and behavior discoverability. Great talk on how ideas can change things in a quantum way.
  • Design, Composition, and Performance - Rich Hickey compares musical composition and performance to software design and development.
  • Simple Made Easy - Rich Hickey presents simplicity vs. complexity in system design and development.

Data Concepts

  • Clojure Concurrency - Rich Hickey covers Clojure concurrency approaches, including persistent (functional) data structures.
  • The Value of Values - Rich Hickey covers the value of values and the need to version data.