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Greg Seaton
SierraLogic LLC

Greg Seaton has over 30 years of IT experience in a variety of domains and technologies.

Greg has worked in the intelligence, defense, telecommunications, instrumentation, finance, banking, agriculture, knowledge systems, transportation, energy, medical, and aerospace industries.

Greg has worked with many technologies and paradigms as well, including functional programming (Clojure, Scala), semantic ontologies, NoSQL (MongoDB, semantic triple stores, key-value stores), relational technologies (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server), and cloud services (AWS, GC).

Greg has played many roles, including software engineer, enterprise architect, data engineer,executive technical manager, and strategic IT consultant.

Currently, his interests have been in extending and developing a new semantic knowledge system, mobile development using Dart and Flutter, and semantic authoring and publishing platforms.

Greg may be reached at greg.seaton@sierralogic.com.

Sierra Logic has a network of associates in all sectors and technologies, including Big Data, semantic technologies, knowledge systems, commercial and enterprise software architecture and development, and strategic consulting.